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Addiction Center in Hamilton, Canada

Montgomery Pharmacy is committed to providing the best services to our Hamilton community. We are a family of pharmacists with a strong core belief that patients deserve individualized services to cater to their needs. We have worked for a number of years to build a strong relationship with our Hamilton community by focusing on the needs of every individual and treating them like family! We have grown exponentially through word of mouth, and we continue to grow through the support and love of our beautiful community!

We work hard to meet the needs of our patients by providing efficient, caring and professional services. We believe that a pharmacist plays a huge role in helping you succeed in reaching your goals, and we are the number one trusted healthcare professionals in Canada. If you have any questions about our pharmacy in Hamilton, Canada, please contact us at (289)-389-7773. Or email us at

Our Mission Statement

Montgomery Pharmacy is dedicated to providing personalized pharmacy services to the Hamilton community that result in optimal medication outcomes. We are committed to meeting the needs of our patients by providing efficient, caring, professional, and cost-effective services.

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